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The main goal of a business could be to make more sales, reach individuals who might be interested in the products/services offered, sustain growth whilst providing top-notch services and products to customers, and so on. It could also be to gain awareness and/or to reach potential customers while keeping the current customer.

Whatever the goal of a business might be, each business is always looking for a way to make effective sales while maintaining rapid growth.

A business which is making plans for growth

Facebook Chat Plugin.

The Facebook Chat Plugin is a feature that allows you to add a chat tool to your website. It can be paste into your…

We all start as Newbies, hungry for knowledge, passionate for discoveries, and ready to tackle challenges with all we have got. Whether it is while making a big career change to starting a new career. However, being a newbie means there is the likelihood you get frustrated some days and feel like giving up. Being a newbie comes with a lot of challenges. Overcoming these challenges usually requires a form of dodgeness and a do-or-die atitude.

I remember that period, as clear as the sun when I wrote my first Mobile Application using IONIC. I was still a student and…

Today, we are surrounded by so many incredible discoveries of the world of technology: Smartwatches, Smart TVs, Smartphones, Laptops, Solar-powered cars, Self-driving vehicles, and other technological advancements you thought were impossible. One of these many amazing technological discoveries made in recent years in Voice Technology.

Companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have designed these personal assistants as a way of increasing our productivity level. These voice technologies have slowly made their way into our smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, cars and even our homes.

Explaining Blockchain To A 5-Year Old

Today, everybody talks about and uses the internet. Through the internet, we interact with people. We buy things, use services, and make inquiries about things or people through the internet. Somehow, you might have come across the word, “Bitcoin” or “Blockchain”. Search engines such as Google are buzzing with the use of these words.

At first, the subject of Blockchain was like another language I couldn’t grasp. I had a lot of trouble understanding the many terms used, and it took me a while to understand. Now, to a kid who wants to know all about this revolutionary invention, this…

How the 21st Century Unicorn Affects the World’s Economies

Digital currencies emerged out of the need to curb the problems and challenges faced by financial institutions. These challenges include double spending, slow or failed transactions, high transfer fees and so much more. The features of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have found ways through which these challenges are slowly becoming of the past. In the few years following the birth of cryptocurrencies, individuals, banks, firms, and governments found the concept of digital currencies foreign and mildly unacceptable. Today, digital currencies have become a global phenomenon and a force to reckon with in the world financials’ system. In addition to this…

Bukola Arowosebi

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